Pantry Goals: Why a Secondary Kitchen Space Makes Sense

Pantry with secondary prep center

Kitchens work hard these days, serving as entertaining hubs in addition to their traditional meal-time functions. A secondary kitchen or walk-in pantry can help keep the main space party-ready and less chaotic. Consider incorporating one into your designs.


No wonder walk-in—and work-in—pantries are among the most popular kitchen trends. These supporting spaces offer a host of advantages that make daily life and entertaining easier. Day-to-day, they supplement storage space for food, beverages, and household supplies and hide small appliances out of sight so the primary kitchen remains clutter-free. They’re perfect for housing serving pieces, glassware, and other entertaining accouterments not used on a regular basis.

During get-togethers, a wet pantry provides a covert food-prep zone to keep the mess off the kitchen island and serves as a holding area for prepped foods. It’s also a tucked-away space for stacking dirty dishes until clean-up time.


It pays to take stock of the items to be stored before configuring a walk-in pantry. You’ll want to know how the homeowners plan to use the space. A well-equipped second kitchen or scullery might include a:

  • Mix of storage solutions—open shelves, cabinets and drawers, appliance garages, and cubbies with baskets or bins
  • Countertop or movable work station
  • Fully outfitted coffee bar
  • Second sink and dishwasher
  • Beverage center or wine refrigerator
  • Rolling library-style ladder for reaching upper shelves
Pantry with small appliance storage


A pantry space or prep kitchen doesn’t have to be nondescript. There are plenty of ways to add a designer touch. Concealing the paneled pantry doors within a wall of kitchen cabinetry provides a uniform, high-end look. Continuing the kitchen’s countertops and cabinetry into the pantry further streamlines the aesthetic. Or have fun in the secondary space and take a few design liberties that might seem too heavy-handed in the main kitchen, such as lacquering the cabinets in a vibrant jewel tone.

A walk-in or wet pantry can be a welcome, problem-solving addition to any kitchen plan. Let a Friedman’s specialist help you equip a high-functioning, secondary space.

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