Perfect Gas Burners for the Culinary Soul

Bosch gas cooktops with FlameSelect

Just when you think that a gas burner is just a gas burner, Bosch steps in to reinvent the world of cooking with gas. Gas burner cooking favored by many culinary-minded cooks has remained a work of experience and practice when preparing a meal. Some might even say that some guessing is involved when you cook with gas burners. It takes time to know the flame levels and what heat they deliver, and sometimes you even find yourself watching the level of the flame while you cook. Gas burners are a delight for the culinary soul but a constant guessing game of touch and feel with each knob you turn. 

Cooking shouldn’t be filled with guesswork and tense moments of potential failure in the kitchen.

The engineers at Bosch, famous for many kitchen appliance innovations, are changing gas cooking with a more precise technology called FlameSelect®. FlameSelect® offers 9 predefined power levels so you no longer need to check the height of your flame. Precise and exact with the height of each flame, your heat and cooking output gives you the precision of modern induction cooking with the culinary craft of cooking with gas. 

Cooking shouldn’t be filled with guesswork and tense moments of potential failure in the kitchen. Leave it to Bosch to restore hope to our culinary dreams by reinventing the gas burner with exact flame height levels. FlameSelect® is the next generation of ingenuity and advanced cooking. To see is to believe. View the video on this amazing new gas burner technology from Bosch, then bring your culinary soul to our showroom.  Experience a new and welcomed level of precision in your kitchen.

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