The Perfect Solution for Small Laundry Spaces

If your laundry room is small, you need a washer and dryer pair that’s high performing, yet compact. Electrolux recently unveiled their new, compact high-end laundry pair. It doesn’t require an outside vent, so it’s perfect for small spaces.

Although it’s small, there’s no shortage of great features included in this laundry pair. The washer even utilizes the Perfect Steam™ technology to deep clean clothing and remove stains from wool. This is a first for a washer of this size. The pair has the highest capacity in the industry among compact models. Both the washer and dryer are very efficient, so you can save on your energy bill and help the environment at the same time.

Electrolux is known for designing state-of-the-art appliances and this compact laundry pair is no exception. These innovative appliances may be small, but they sure are mighty. Visit our store today to see this washer and dryer pair in person.


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