Recycling on a Massive Scale

With Earth Day quickly approaching on April 22, let’s review some ways you can significantly impact the environment. Recycling is so important because it turns materials that would normally become waste into valuable resources. According to the 2012 report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans created 251 million tons of trash, yet only 34.5% of trash is recycled. View EPA report

It’s so easy to collect used bottles, cans, and newspapers and take them either to the curb or to a collection facility. While we anticipate that you’ll do your part to recycle these smaller consumables, take an even greater step to impact the environment through recycling your old appliances.

Each year thousands of homeowners purchase appliances without considering what happens to their old appliance. Your old appliances can be very difficult to discard and can turn into a variety of environmental problems when they’re not recycled properly. Start by choosing a company like Friedman’s who offers haul-off services when they deliver your new appliances.

In the same report, the EPA states that at 64%, appliance recycling has one of the highest recovery rates. We still find it hard to believe that 36% of appliances still end up not being recycled! Friedman’s makes a point to properly recycle appliances and we’re committed to recycling every appliance our customers replace. We recycle thousands of appliances each year which literally stops tons of old appliances from ending up in landfills.

Our team reduces the hassle of discarding your old appliances and we take pride in doing our part to keep the world a little bit cleaner. So consider what impact you can make with recycling smaller consumable materials and take even greater steps by making a wise choice in how you recycle your old appliances. Also, in whatever you purchase, always choose companies that are committed to a recycling program. Just remember, the simple choices in how you recycle can make a big impact, so join us as we keep America recycling.


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