Sacred Spaces: Creating a Stylish Eat-in Kitchen

Eat-in kitchen design

Whether a family has a household full of young kids or they enjoy inviting grandchildren into their home from time to time, spending mealtime together is a cherished family pastime. And when a family has a well-designed eat-in kitchen, it makes this time all the easier to execute and enjoy. 

Family-friendly eat-in kitchens are a trend on the rise according to online interior design firm Decorilla. “This trend offers a perfect blend of convenience and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your meals right in the heart of your home,” it states in this blog post featuring 2024 kitchen design trends

This type of design can be achieved in any number of ways, be it through beautiful banquette seating and a stylish table, an oversized island with an ample number of stools, or even just a cozy corner with just enough space for the family to linger.

Whether you’re seeking some design inspiration to create this sacred space for your clients, or you simply want to show them how endless the possibilities can be, here are some stylish eat-in kitchen spaces we spotted on Instagram to spark ideas and bring these visions to life.

Here, a nook with banquette seating invites the family to gather for a meal, a board game or simply to share a conversation.

This island with seating allows for interaction even as someone prepares the meal—a bonus for nurturing family time.

This white-washed picnic-style farmhouse table shows the impact a stylish furniture selection can make on a space.

This space showcases several ways to maximize eat-in kitchen design. By offering both a dining area and island seating, there’s room for even the largest family to enjoy a meal together.

Creating this sacred space will nurture family bonds for years to come. Once the design is complete and it’s time to make appliance selections, bring your client to Friedman’s Appliances. One of our friendly sales team members can help them find the perfect appliances to round out the space.

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