Secrets of a Luxury Laundry Room

Luxury Laundry Room

Adding luxury to your laundry room can be a real game-changer and turn laundry from your least favorite chore into one of your favs. Builder grade finishes and boring styles take all the fun out of doing the laundry. Instead of being the leftover, forgotten room, turn it into a fabulous space and bring some luxury into your every day with some of our must-haves for a lux laundry room. 


Since these spaces can tend to be small, keeping the colors light and neutral can help the space feel even larger. You may want to add light to the space with a window, some fashionable pendant lights, or even a chandelier. 


Nothing clutters a laundry room more than items that don’t have a place to belong. Don’t forget to add matching baskets or decorative dispensers for your laundry liquids. Lots of shelves and cabinets can help make sure everything has a place. Locker-style storage cabinets that run from the floor to the ceiling can maximize every inch. 

Utility Sink

This adds a lot of functionality and fashion to the space. A farmhouse-style sink is nice and big for whatever you may need from pre-soaking to hand washing. It’s a really great way to add some additional cleanup space for big projects as well. 

Hanging Space

Every laundry space needs a place to hang line dry items or clothes fresh from the dryer. Making this easily accessible adds a lot of convenience to your space. If you are short on space, retractable clotheslines or folding drying racks can be great solutions.

Folding Space

Countertops and flat spaces for folding can allow you to take the laundry from beginning to end in one space. Ditch the standard countertops and upgrade to marble or wood for the ultimate look. 

Pet Space

Laundry rooms can be a great place to add special spaces for your pets as well. Consider built-in feeding stations, crates, or dog beds. A dog shower with a space for washing your dog can also make that chore much easier and add a great place for cleaning large objects. 


Curtains, fabric accents, and the right paint color can make all the difference in a drab space. You can also add wall decor or even a special door that makes the room feel more inviting. 

Top-of-the-Line Machines

Having the right washer and dryer with the latest technology can be the ultimate in laundry room luxury. Friedman’s has stackable and quiet options to fit any space and budget. 

Come into Friedman’s to find the right machines to add the ultimate luxury to your laundry room. Our top brands have a wide range of features and give you the very best quality. 


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