Design Trend: Three Ways to Introduce the SideOpening Wall Oven into your Kitchen

Bosch Benchmark side-opening ovens

written by Nitasha Rohatgi for A Modern Haven

For years, the oven has been a staple in the kitchen, often installed vertically stacked or presiding under the cooktop. And while these design options are here to stay, what if we challenged this traditional design aesthetic with something not only beautiful but also easily accessible and ergonomically sound?

The SideOpening Wall Oven from Bosch has taken off within the interior design industry. The side swing door helps to make it easier to insert and remove heavy pans from the oven. This is a function of ergonomic design that homeowners and designers alike see as providing true value to their daily lives in the kitchen.

With three unique installation options to fit a variety of kitchen designs, the SideOpening Wall Oven creates a show-stopping kitchen where form truly meets function. Let’s take a look at just three of the design options that can be achieved using this unique product.

Design Option #1: Upgrade your Wall Oven Replacement

In addition to the striking, yet functional SideOpening door, this wall oven was designed to install flush into most wall oven cutouts, making the transition from a standard opening wall oven to a SideOpening oven all the more seamless.

Design Option #2: Dazzle with French Doors

For this design option, consider placing two SideOpening Wall Ovens side by side, each with their handles facing inward to create a beautiful, French Door appearance.

Design Option #3: Expand Your Horizons

Horizontal oven installation is a sleek and eye-catching design choice that is sure to make a statement in any modern kitchen. This obsession with perfection allows this oven installation to be a true work of art. Bosch ovens are designed with matching components, from handles to doors and user interface so that they can perfectly align when installed side by side. The end result is a clean, integrated look that is inspiring kitchen design conversations across the country.

While the finish of an appliance has always been a point of inspiration for a kitchen, perhaps it’s time to consider the structure of an appliance to inspire your next kitchen renovation. Which of these oven installations are you adding to your kitchen design mood board? Come into Friedman’s today, and we can introduce you to this unique and functional wall oven design.


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