Solve a Connoisseur’s Needs with Sub-Zero Wine Storage

Sub-Zero wine storage

If your client is a wine enthusiast, conditioned storage is bound to make the must-have list. Sure, some committed collectors will opt to build a genuine cellar to safeguard their investment. For most oenophiles, however, wine storage from Sub-Zero will do the job beautifully (and with a lot less fuss).

Sub-Zero’s Wine-Preservation Environment

The brand’s wine-storage systems combine the ideal conditions for protecting prized bottles. Thoughtful design addresses each of the four factors that contribute to creating the perfect preservation habitat:

  • Temperature: Sub-Zero’s refrigerated wine columns and undercounter units offer separate temperature zones to keep reds and whites at their optimal serving temperatures. An advanced air seal around the door prevents leaks and ensures consistency.
  • Humidity: The dual evaporators in Sub-Zero’s models—one for each storage zone—maintain moderate humidity so corks do not dry out and labels remain pristine.
  • Light: Sub-Zero’s UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass doors shield wine from harmful light and premature aging while still showcasing the contents. Interior LED lighting avoids mitigates the risk of UV light damage posed by fluorescent bulbs while allowing the collector to easily locate a specific bottle.
  • Vibration: The quiet compressor in a Sub-Zero storage unit lets wines rest undisturbed. The full-extension shelves glide smoothly in and out with no unsettling vibration.

Wine Storage to Fit Every Collection and Space

Sub-Zero offers storage solutions for wine collections of all sizes. Bottle capacity ranges from 42 to 146, and racks can accommodate magnums and half-bottles.

Incorporating a Sub-Zero wine-storage column into any kitchen, butler’s pantry, or home bar is a breeze. The columns are available in a variety of widths – 18, 24, and 30 inches. For added functionality, specify the 30-inch model with two refrigerator drawers beneath the wine compartment. A 24-inch undercounter unit works well in tight quarters or as an auxiliary cooler in a home theater, primary suite, and countless other places. Choose the classic look of stainless steel or select a panel-ready option to complement surrounding cabinetry.

Wine connoisseurs put a premium on proper storage. For them, Sub-Zero wine storage is a smart investment. A Friedman’s expert can help you select the right unit for your client’s collection and space.

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