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Whether you are looking for a bottle to pair with a home-cooked meal or takeaway from a neighborhood favorite, it’s nice to have a variety of wines on hand to choose from. But always running to the store to grab a bottle can get tiring. Maybe over the last year, you’ve evolved from a wine consumer to a connoisseur to possibly even a collector. As your tastes have become more sophisticated, it’s time for your wine storage to mature as well.

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Sub-Zero offers several different wine cooler refrigerated columns to meet the needs of any connoisseur or space. Regardless of the size of the column, in order to properly store wine, you need to guard against the four enemies of wine that can rob your wine of its complexity, character, and, most importantly, taste.


The refrigerator is not the best place to store your wine. Because the door is not being opened and closed as often as the refrigerator, in a wine cooler column, the temperature remains more consistent. The ideal temperature is from 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures in the refrigerator regularly fall below 45 degrees, and at over 70 degrees, the wine will age faster than desirable. Sub-Zero maintains independent zones, ensuring both red and white can be served at their optimal temperatures.


The humidity should be maintained between 50-75%. A lack of moisture can dry out the corks, which can allow air into the bottles. Too much humidity can promote mold. The dual evaporators in Sub-Zero’s models—one for each storage zone—maintain steady, moderate humidity.


Wine columns are specially designed to have minimum vibrations because the movement can impact the way the wine ages. Sub-Zero’s quiet compressor lets wines rest undisturbed. Bottles are cradled in rustproof, coated-steel shelves that glide smoothly in and out for easy access.


Wine must be stored away from direct sunlight because the UV rays from the sun can prematurely age wine. Sub-Zero’s UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass door shields wine to preserve its good taste and allow your wine to be visible.

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If you don’t have a wine cellar or other dedicated space in your home, a refrigerated column is the best option. The Sub-Zero models come in several sizes with stainless steel and panel finishes, ready to accommodate any style or space. Now you can have access to a wide variety of wines for any occasion and be confident that they will deliver the high-quality taste you expect.


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