The First Range You’ll Ever Love

Thermador Pro Harmony Induction Range

How do we love thee, Pro Harmony® Induction Range? Let us count the ways.

Yes, it may seem presumptuous to suggest that one may fall head over heels for a kitchen appliance, but we’re absolutely smitten with the all-new Pro Harmony® Induction Range from Thermador—and we bet you will be too. Here’s why.

OK, sure. We know there’s always more to love than what’s on the outside, but let’s at least take a moment to marvel at the sheer beauty of this luxury appliance. The sleek design is both modest and statement-making at once. The smooth, flat induction cooktop surface provides a seamless integration into any kitchen design and ensures easy cleaning. Two simple knobs and a small, color touchscreen on the front are both inviting yet unassuming, ensuring that even the most novice home chef can roll up their sleeves and put this masterful machine to good use.

Take it From the Top

Now, let’s take a closer look at why your heart will go pitter-pat from the moment you power on this appliance. Let’s start at the top, literally.

Depending upon which Pro Harmony® Induction Range model you choose (30-inch or 36-inch), the Liberty® Induction Cooktop features either two or three extra-large flexible cooking zones. The state-of-the-art technology makes this appliance a leader in versatility. Whether you’re using an oddly shaped or over-sized pan or whipping up several different dishes at once, the innovative induction technology ensures that every dish is cooked to perfection every time. 

Thermador Pro Harmony Induction Range with HeatShift

Swipe Left or Right—or Up or Down

Manually adjusting the cooktop temperature is a thing of the past thanks to HeatShift® technology. Your cooktop is divided into three pre-set heat zones, and by simply sliding your cookware to a different zone, you can adjust to your desired temperature. When you need to make room for another dish or wish to rearrange your cookware accessibility, MoveMode® technology allows you to bring your temperature with you, transferring the setting to where you move your dish. 

Thermador Pro Harmony Induction Range interior with food

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

When it comes to the inside of the all-new Pro Harmony® Induction Range from Thermador, you’ll find either one or three Full Access® Telescopic Racks, depending on the model you choose. The telescoping functionality provides an added measure of support for the heaviest dishes, and because you can access the racks almost completely out of the appliance body, it’s a safer and easier cooking experience. When things get messy, fire up the self-clean cycle to clean the oven walls and racks, and as soon as two hours later, your oven will be sparkling like new.

When you’re ready to fall in love with the Pro Harmony® Induction Range, stop by Friedman’s Appliances, where one of our sales professionals can make the introduction.

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