The Importance of Measuring

measuring tape

You’ve heard the old adage, “measure twice, cut once.” Cutting lumber is one thing. But what about the measurements for your luxury appliances in your brand-new kitchen with the breathtaking cabinetry and countertops you’ve so carefully selected?

Measuring for appliances is about more than height, width, and depth. Door openings, hinge placement, and integrated panel depth are just some of the factors to consider. One mismeasurement can have a major impact on your kitchen. It can mean the difference between a seamless appliance install or a disaster, requiring expensive changes to the cabinets or countertops, or even significant delays waiting on reordered appliances that will fit the designated space.

How can you ensure proper measurements and dimensions so you can select appliances appropriate to your space? Schedule a site visit from a Friedman’s representative and entrust the measuring to the experts. Our experienced professionals will measure every aspect of the appliance placements in your new kitchen design and consider all the angles. We’ll work directly with your installers and designer to make sure everyone is on the same page with a singular goal—your dream kitchen becoming reality.


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