The Quick Overview of Energy Star and What It Means

So many times we hear about amazing savings you can gain from purchasing Energy Star appliances but what is the truth behind this label.  First, the Energy Star label and certification resides in the hands of the EPA, the US Environmental Protection Agency.  Here is the fast version of how it works…


The EPA tests then qualify or certify the appliances, ensuring the consumer that the appliance meets or exceeds the minimum energy-saving standards of the EPA Energy Star program.  The minimum energy savings is what you gain over purchasing a standard appliance with no Energy Star label.

Home Kitchen Appliance Categories/Minimum Energy Saving Standards

Clothes Washers – minimum energy savings of 40%
Dishwashers – minimum energy savings of 41%
Refrigerators – minimum energy savings of 15%
Freezers – minimum energy savings of 10%

Correcting a Myth on Clothes Washers

Many people think that they gain so much by hanging on to their old clothes washer that they have had for over 15 years.  They are actually wasting money and they don’t even know it.  When you understand the standard energy usage of a clothes washer that is 5 years or older then compare it to a modern-day clothes washer – it is not even a contest.  Many new models of clothes washers are up to 70% more efficient with energy than those models five years and older.  And those energy savings can be with electricity and water.  There has been a dramatic shift in technology and the race is on with manufacturers to create then take bragging rights on the most efficient appliances in the industry.  The consumer is the winner in the end with lower energy bills and many times a better performing appliance.

Environmental Impact

At times we have little vision as to the impact that we can make on the environment.  We’re just one family, just one home we say.  But changing to Energy Star appliances is a significant step.  Let’s just take one example.  The average family can save up to $135 in annual energy costs with an Energy Star qualified washer.  And if every home in America owned an Energy Star washer, it could save enough water to fill up the Rose Bowl nearly 5000 times!  What an impact on our natural resources!

So the next time you see that Energy Star label you should have a good understanding of what it means, why it is there, what appliances actually qualify for Energy Star in the first place, and what impact you can make on your energy bills and the environment.  Happy savings and happy washing!

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