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Bosch 3 Rack Dishwasher

World-renowned German engineers have invented something wonderful again, but this time it has nothing to do with eight cylinders or tight cornering. If you haven’t heard of the “third rack,” then you need to keep reading and discover why homeowners are buying up these new models in dramatic form.

For many years the standard dishwasher continued to improve with notable advancements in washing capabilities, energy savings, and performance. Yet much of the time homeowners had to be reminded of these unseen benefits. Today’s hottest change in dishwashers no longer requires a friendly reminder. This unique innovation has gone from clever benefit to revolutionary change, making washing dishes more convenient than ever.

Every dishwasher has a top and bottom rack, but the newest dishwashers from top German manufacturer Bosch has turned the appliance industry on its head. These new dishwashers offer models with an amazing third rack tucked into the top of the dishwasher. The rack conveniently holds flatware and all of those pesky kitchen utensils that never seem to get clean when jammed together in the traditional flatware baskets located on the bottom rack. The revolutionary third rack gives you more space to increase your washing capacity, and it makes placing and removing flatware a simple task.

The dishwashers still allow plenty of room for tall dishes, pans, and glassware on the bottom and middle racks. The middle rack can also be adjusted for more glassware room if needed. Spray jets were carefully modified to ensure a great cleaning performance from top to bottom. The demand for these third rack rebels is growing so fast that other manufacturers are responding with their own third rack models. If you are looking to substantially improve your dishwasher’s capacity and simplify the loading and unloading of flatware and utensils, it’s time you looked at the most clever innovation in years and join the third rack revolution.


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