Saving the Best for Last: Great Ways to Upgrade the Last Barbecues of the Summer

As the summer winds down, people are planning their last parties. But no one wants to go to the same, old barbecue with the same, old menu you have been eating all summer. We have some great ideas and some of our favorite grilling recipes from to make it the best menu of the season.


If you want a burger that has a richer flavor than usual, get grass-fed beef for a gamier taste or have the butcher grind a beef brisket or chuck roast for more fat that leads to a better taste.


At the market, ask for one-inch steaks that allow you to get a nice crispy crust with a medium-rare center. You could also play with different types of charcoal or wood chips to add an extra layer of flavor.


Try a dry rub on the outside of the chicken instead of the standard barbecue. You could also stay in the bird family, but change things up by grilling duck or even cornish hens.


Grilled or charred vegetables can make a very nice side or addition to a pasta salad. You can even grill romaine or butter lettuce to make simple summer salads.


Buttered and grilled hot dog or hamburger buns are a great upgrade. Skillet breads are easy to warm on the grill, and Emeril’s cast-iron honey cornbread can be baked in a cast iron skillet on the grill.


To upgrade your dessert, try grilling fruits, which brings out a more intense flavor. We like grilled pineapple with coconut sorbet for a more tropical taste. You may also want to let a skillet-cooked mixed-berry grunt cook on the grill while you enjoy the main dish.


We like to add frozen fruit skewers for a special zing to cocktails. One of our favorite cocktails is the Grilled Peach Old-Fashioned.

These upgrades will make the last party of the summer the best and most memorable. If your grill or outdoor kitchen needs an upgrade, we have exactly what you need at Friedman’s.


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