What to Consider when Buying a Cooktop

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Whether you are replacing a cooktop or adding one to your next kitchen design, there are a lot of things to consider when looking for the perfect fit for your kitchen.


Kitchen cooktops come in three standard sizes – 24, 30, and 36 inches – and you have to consider the size of your space. When looking at these dimensions, you need to take into consideration your own cooking style and needs as well as the size of your lower cabinets. 

Fuel type

When shopping for cooktops you have three options available: electric, induction, and gas. But the fuel type can also impact the overall look of the space as well. Electric and induction cooktops have glass tops that are easy to clean and create seamless sightlines. The gas cooktops deliver professional cooking power and immediate response to slight adjustments. Some manufacturers also offer sealed gas cooktops that make cleaning a breeze. 

Number of burners

You need to make sure that your cooktop can do everything you need it to do when cooking. This includes the size of your household, the size of your space, and how many dishes you cook at once for a typical meal. 


Cooktops are very visible in a kitchen and often provide a focal point of your kitchen design, so it’s important to find one that fits your style. Whether you want something sleek and modern or something more industrial, cooktops come in a variety of styles. 


Since cooktops are part of your countertop space, safety is very important. Make sure you have space for a vent above the cooktop that can help eliminate odors and smoke produced in cooking. Many also come with child safety features that keep little hands from accidentally turning on the stove and some come with automatic shut-off features. 

If you are looking for your next cooktop, come see the wide range of high-quality products we have to offer from top appliance manufacturers. No matter what your needs are, we can help you find the perfect match. 


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