Wine Storage 101: Understanding a Connoisseur’s Needs

Sub-Zero wine storage

Wine enthusiasts take proper storage very seriously. To discuss and ultimately address their requirements, knowledge of the basic guidelines for keeping bottles at their best could prove valuable. This primer will help you enter the wine-storage conversation with confidence and tailor a solution to your client’s collection.

Creating the Perfect Habitat for Wine

Wine thrives in a carefully controlled environment. Four factors come into play:

Temperature–When it comes to storing wine, maintaining the right temperature is key. The target range is 45 and 65°F, although the optimal temperature depends on the type of wine. Reds should be kept slightly chilled (between 58 and 65 ̊F); white wines call for a cooler climate (between 45 and 55 ̊F).

Humidity–The ideal humidity level falls around 70 percent. Extremely arid conditions can dry out the corks, allowing oxygen into the bottles. Damp air can damage the labels.

Light–The sun’s UV rays can accelerate the aging process and impair wine. Direct sunlight will also fade labels over time.

Vibration–Significant vibrations from mechanical equipment—such as a washing machine or stereo system—can disturb the sediments in wine and degrade its quality. Consider this risk as you locate the storage zone.

Sub-Zero wine storage

Shaping a Wine-Storage Solution

The first step in determining the best storage option is to gather information about your client’s collection. Pertinent questions to ask include:

  • How large is your collection? When discussing bottle-capacity needs, be sure to allow for collection growth.
  • What size and shape bottles do you collect? Consider any nonstandard bottles, such as magnums, as you explore storage racks or shelves.
  • What is your annual wine expenditure? While both the serious and casual collector should protect their bottles, the storage stakes rise with the level of investment.

For the wine connoisseur (or oenophile), dedicated storage is a must. A bona fide cellar isn’t the only option. Often, a refrigerated wine column makes the perfect choice. Sub-Zero offers a range of systems that safely store bottles; there is a unit to fit nearly every collection and space. To learn more about proper wine storage and superb solutions, visit the Friedman’s Appliances showroom.

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