Winter Grilling Jazzes up Your Meals

Grilling food is quick and easy. Let’s face it, meats are juicier and veggies taste better when grilled as opposed to being cooked on the stove on in an oven. There’s just something about the grilled flavor that is so enticing. Most people seem to grill only in the summer, but there’s no reason why you can’t grill all year round.

Grilling in the winter is a little different than in the summer, so there are a few important things to remember before you get started. Invest in a good pair of fingerless gloves because they are great for grilling. They make it easy for you to move your fingers and have a better grip on tongs or other utensils, while still keeping your hands warm. Another tip is to make sure your tank is always full if you’re using propane, because it doesn’t work as well as natural gas in cold weather. Be patient with your grill because it’ll likely take longer to heat up in the cold than it does in warmer weather. Plus, you’re food will probably take longer to cook in the winter since the grill starts out frigid, so try to stick with recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Otherwise, you may get burned out the first time you grill in the winter and not want to do it again. Another great winter grilling tip is to grill everything with the lid closed to retain the heat.

Winter grilling is fun and breaks up the monotony of eating the same meals and using the same recipes for food cooked on your cooktop or in your oven all winter long. It’ll jazz up your meals. Try it out this winter and you’ll be glad you did.


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