3 Appliance Trends Taking Over Kitchens This Year

Viking range

The premium and luxury appliance industry continues to innovate year after year, consistently providing new and exciting ways to make consumers’ lives easier and more stylish. From state-of-the-art functionality to sleek, jaw-dropping designs, every new year seems to consistently outdo the one before.

When it’s time to shop for appliances to fill the beautiful new kitchen you’ve helped create, share with your clients these top appliance trends that should be at the top of everyone’s wishlist.

Colorful Appliances

While some may argue that black and stainless appliances will always have a place in the kitchen, 2024 is the year to bring some color to the appliance suite. From bold blues and radiant reds, consumers are being enticed into a rainbow array of options from some of the industry’s top brands. 

Viking appliances are the perfect example of how homeowners can bring personality to their kitchen (Viking Tuscany Cypress Green Range shown in the image above). In addition to its selection of high-performing luxury appliances, a wide color selection brings some joie de vivre to any space. From fridges to ranges, customers can select from blues, greens, reds, and even white—the palette is filled with vibrant options to create a one-of-a-kind customized kitchen.

Fisher & Paykel Dual Fuel Range
Fisher & Paykel Dual Fuel Range

Dual-purpose Appliances 

Another top trend in the world of premium and luxury appliances is machines that pull double-duty. For instance, ovens that steam bake, convection bake, and air fry offer supreme versatility for the home chef. Combination washer/dry units that perform both jobs in one appliance make laundry day extremely efficient. 

The Fisher & Paykel Dual Fuel Range illustrates this multi-functional facet with its gas range and induction cooktop all in one stunning piece of machinery. Taking it a step further, two separate ovens in one piece of equipment maximize the appliance’s functionality and provide a wildly adaptable cooking experience every time.

Monogram double wall ovens
Monogram Statement French Door Wall Oven

Double Wall Ovens

This top appliance trend remains a coveted feature of aspiring homeowners. Double wall ovens, like this Monogram Statement French Door Wall Oven, provide the ultimate in luxury and convenience at once. Create separate dishes simultaneously with nary a flaw thanks to its myriad cook mode options, and smart technology ensures no home chef is sitting around waiting for something to finish cooking. 

When your clients are ready to make their appliance selections, point them to Friedman’s Appliances, where we will be happy to show them the latest in these trends and other top-tier premium and luxury appliance options.

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