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Monogram Ecobalance collection

Monogram is an innovative luxury appliance brand that is known for its sleek designs and unmatched performance. Owned by GE, Monogram offers everything from ranges, cooktops, and dishwashers to warming drawers, hearth ovens, under-counter storage, and so much more. In addition to its impressive product portfolio, though, Monogram’s Ecobalance Collection underscores the brand’s dedication to helping homeowners achieve a “net zero” home and contribute to a healthier planet for generations to come. 

What is Net Zero?

Net zero simply means that someone strives to balance the amount of gas emissions they create with the amount removed, all in an effort to reduce global warming. How that’s achieved is largely reliant on eco-innovations … things like solar panels, electric cars, and energy-efficient homes. Anything that relies on renewable energy resources is a positive move towards living net zero.

Meet Monogram’s Ecobalance Collection

Monogram Ecobalance is a collection of smart luxury appliances in collaboration with Savant, a company providing smart home and energy management solutions. This partnership brings the ability for homeowners to fine-tune their home’s energy efficiency and consumption at the touch of a button.

Through the use of a smartphone, tablet, keypad, remote, or other home assistant product, homeowners can control everything from temperature to run time on their Monogram Ecobalance appliances. For example, because energy use is less costly in the middle of the night, the Monogram Ecoblance dishwasher can be set to start its cycle overnight. Or, control oven preheat timing and temperature to ensure the perfect dish is created with maximum energy efficiency. 

Savant’s ground-breaking technology paired with the beauty and functionality of Monogram appliances is what eco-responsible homeowners seek. When your client is ready to make a move toward a net-zero life and explore Monogram’s Ecobalance Collection, send them to Friedman’s Appliances. We will be happy to show them their options.

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