Best Laundry Room Ideas

Doing the laundry is something everyone has to do, but few truly enjoy. In many homes the laundry room is hidden and not a very fun place to be. It’s the last room you think about decorating in your home, but it is a room you use as much as any other. If you are tired of your boring, drab, not-so-fun laundry room, why not use some of these ideas to make you smile when you do the laundry. makes it easy to organize the ideas you love.


Who wants to do laundry in a dark dungeon? Update the lighting in your current laundry room. After all, you need to be able to see your hard work. For an extra boost, add lighting under your cabinets to bring additional light and warmth. Or consider adding elegance with a chandelier. If you are designing a brand new laundry room, make sure it has a window to bring in the natural light.


Laundry rooms are a great place to experiment with color and try some ideas that you love, but can’t put in your living room. Bright wall colors can energize you when faced with a mountain of laundry, or cool, muted colors can bring a calming effect to an otherwise stressful task. These colors can come into the tile on the floor, the color of the countertops, unique backsplashes and maybe even wallpaper. If you want something less permanent, bring in colorful knick knacks or baskets. You have many choices when it comes to a new laundry room.


Multi-tasking is a part of our modern lives, so why not multi-task in the laundry room? The laundry room could be a perfect place to put a small work station for paying bills or answering emails. Some people find the white noise of the washer and dryer very soothing. You could also put in a utility tub for washing the family pet or pre-treating stains. If you hang a drying rack above it, your clothes can drip dry without wetting your floor. If you have room for folding space, consider adding a gift-wrapping or crafting space. Wide, open tables or countertops are handy for both.

However you choose to update or create your new laundry room, can help you get there. In one easy location, you can create your ideabooks, ask questions, find designers and contractors who can build it and buy the items you see in the photos. It’s a site specifically designed to help you make your house a home.

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