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Change your Barbecue into an Elegant Al Fresco Dinner

Grilling out allows you to spend quality time outdoors with family and friends while enjoying delicious food. Barbecues are usually casual, but they don’t have to be. You can easily turn a laid-back cookout into a nice, al fresco dinner party by making some small changes.

177187364_grilled-steakThe main attraction at a cookout is the food. Just picking out some grass-fed beef and having the butcher custom grind it for you instead of buying already ground up meat will make a big difference in how your burger tastes. That simple change will give you a richer taste. If you’re cooking up steak, purchase dry-aged steaks because they’ll turn out richer and more tender. Marinate your meat ahead of time, so you can get intense flavor while making the meat juicier and more tender. Spiced chicken, duck breast, and seafood are great alternatives if you want to do something different.

484068321_Grilled-VegetablesYou can serve the meat with grilled vegetables to make a nice presentation. Grilled fruits are also great for a sweet treat.

Decorating your patio or deck with furniture from inside your home will add comfort and elegance. Throws, pillows and vases will make your guests feel at home. Gazebos can help shade the area when it’s warm outside while a fire pit or heat lamp can help warm you up when the temperature is cooler. Try making these easy changes next time you have guests over and you can instantly turn your casual barbecue into an elegant al fresco dinner party.