Innovation or Implosion? How AI is Impacting the Design World

AI image based on ocean prompts

Most kitchen design projects start with a client meeting, where you have the opportunity to not only meet your potential client, but to hear their likes, dislikes, and ideas, and to lay eyes on the current space. 

Historically, homeowners relayed visions for their new kitchens by pulling pages from magazines, and designers could share their portfolios to spark ideas for reimagined spaces—all in real time. With the onset of platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, however, the sky was suddenly the limit as people could explore endless Insta-ideas and Pinspiration with a quick search of a hashtag. While this new technology opened up a world of possibilities for both homeowners and designers alike, it also created a challenge by putting design trends into overdrive. 

“Social media has sped up the lifespan of home design trends and developed its own trend terminology for many of them,” author Caroline Broderick says in this November 2023 Pro Remodeler article. “For designers and contractors, this challenge comes to a head in a variety of ways.”

For example, if a project is substantial, requiring extensive construction, or there are significant delays that prolong a timeline, the designs that were once on-trend may quickly become passé.

So with the gaining popularity of artificial intelligence (AI), what’s a designer to anticipate? All constraints lifted, AI makes anything possible—or at least seemingly so. Those kick-off meetings may quickly turn into nightmares when a client has grand—perhaps impossible or unsightly—ideas generated by a machine based on a few prompts  (like our ocean-inspired AI photo above). Maybe, too, you’re concerned that AI may replace your role altogether.

Those kick-off meetings may quickly turn into nightmares when a client has grand—perhaps impossible or hideous—ideas generated by a machine based on a few prompts. Maybe, too, you’re concerned that AI may replace you altogether.

We say don’t worry. In fact, with the arrival of so many AI-generating sites, your role has arguably become more crucial. For example, while AI can spit out designs that are swoon-worthy, they may not be realistic for the bones of the particular house. Or maybe the generated design looks amazing, but doesn’t really work with the overall aesthetic of the home. 

Rather than looking at AI as a competitor, use it to your benefit. This is the new version of magazine tearsheets and vision boards. This is your starting point, and together, with your potential client, you can expeditiously hone in on their ideal kitchen and use these starting points to create the custom kitchen of their dreams. 

When it’s time to select the appliances that perfectly fit your client’s vision, the sales professionals at Friedman’s Appliances are standing by to answer questions and ensure the ideal selections are made.

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