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While the word “luxury” typically conjures opulent images of high fashion, fast cars, and perfectly appointed homes, one word it likely does not bring to mind is ice. Until now…

A simple search for the phrase “luxury ice trend” reveals that this simple household staple is indeed having a moment in the spotlight. We’re here for it—and so are countless Americans. In fact, according to a 2020 poll conducted by premium appliance brand Bosch, more than half of poll respondents consider themselves “ice-obsessed,” consuming more than 400 pounds of ice per person per year! 

From the #luxuryice hashtag trending on TikTok to premium undercounter ice makers all the way down to simple silicone ice molds in creative shapes and styles, the once-humble beverage addition is now the symbol of sophistication. Here are three unique ways to be a part of the #luxuryice trend.

heart shaped ice mold

Ice Trays & Molds

Whether someone wants to take their Tom Collins cocktail game to the next level or their kids simply enjoy the novelty of a fun ice shape, there are countless ice trays and molds on the market that deliver unique shapes and styles. For example, you can make ice “spears” in this silicone easy-release Collins ice mold. Or keep an iced tea cooler for longer with some “Coolamari” cubes in the glass. You can even turn ice into a geography lesson with True Zoo’s U Ice of A United States state-shaped molds

berry infused ice

Infused Ice

A quick online search for “infused ice” returns endless ideas to bring some flavor to your cube game. From rosemary and pomegranate cubes for holiday cocktails to fruity cubes filled with a variety of healthy berries, the sky’s the limit. To get the best results, boil the water first to remove any air bubbles. Once the water has cooled, pour it into an ice tray and then add some favorite flavors, such as:

  • Lemon + lime
  • Watermelon + basil
  • Cucumber + mint
  • Apple + pear
XO undercounter ice machine

Dedicated Undercounter Ice Maker

Perhaps the ultimate in luxury is the addition of an ice-only appliance to a kitchen appliance suite. While there are a variety of counter-top models that create “pebble”-like ice, built-in undercounter ice makers—which can create up to 80+ pounds of gourmet ice per day—are increasingly popular with discerning homeowners. Friedman’s Appliances carries premium and luxury appliance brands like XO and Monogram, which have undercounter ice makers with luxe features such as built-in Wi-Fi, panel-ready fronts, integrated water filtration, and more.

From specially shaped or flavor-infused cubes to simply having gourmet ice easily accessible, partaking in the #luxuryice trend is both easy and entertaining. If your clients want in on the fun, bring them to Friedman’s Appliances, where one of our helpful sales professionals can show them some undercounter ice maker options.

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