Column Refrigeration: The Ultimate in Customization

Sub-Zero column refrigeration

Column refrigeration is the ultimate way to customize refrigeration in your kitchen. If you have limited space or an unusual configuration, these units allow you to select exactly what you need for your style of entertaining. Column refrigerators are full-size, single-purpose units that can be built into any wall or surrounding cabinetry. They can be installed side by side or in separate spaces. They also allow you to customize both the interior and exterior of your refrigeration.


Because each unit has a single purpose, you can choose units based on your entertainment and cooking style. You can opt for a wine cellar column to perfectly store and preserve wine. Or you can opt to have more freezer capacity or increased refrigeration space for entertaining. You can also choose whether your refrigerator comes with or without a water dispenser in the door. Because these are single-purpose units, they are highly efficient and offer the best innovations in refrigeration.


The exterior customizations abound with column refrigeration. To start, units can have either left or right hinges to open from either side and are built to be flush with the surrounding cabinetry. They also come in a variety of widths to fit any kitchen space and optimize your storage space. The exteriors are panel ready to add cabinet doors to match existing cabinetry or you can opt for traditional stainless steel. Sub-Zero even offers French doors that allow you to see what’s in the fridge without opening the door.

If you have a unique space or unique needs in your kitchen, column refrigeration offers you unlimited options to get the right fit. This is refrigeration that gives you exactly what you need with a look that fits your style. Come check it out in person today in our showroom. We can’t wait to help you find exactly what you need.


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