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App that Controls Oven Remotely

GE Brillion_6442Imagine a world where you can turn your oven on or off without being at home. Never would you have to turn your car around and come back home if you accidentally left it on or if you just thought you might have. You don’t have to just imagine anymore because GE has upgraded their mobile app, GE Brillion™, to let you start or stop your wall oven remotely.

GE Brillion_6443Being able to control your oven when you’re not home is pretty amazing. The updated app allows you to preheat, set the timer, check the cooking status and receive notifications even if you’re not home. This new upgrade is pretty significant considering it’s the first time that a remote-enabled GE appliance that’s already in the home, can have new features and capabilities added to it. It allows homeowners the opportunity to use the latest features on their current wall oven. The smartphone app works on new GE wall ovens.

The features and capabilities available through this app make the GE appliances even smarter and more technologically advanced. Plus, they make your life easier. Stop by our store and we’ll be more than happy to show you how this new app works.