Useful Tips for Cooking with a Ceramic Grill

Ceramic grills make food taste better and cooking more enjoyable. It can be a little tricky lighting the grill and controlling the temperature, so I thought you might appreciate some tips from Primo, one of the leaders of ceramic grills.

When lighting the grill, you’ll first need to build a mound of natural lump charcoal and then light it with a fire, chimney, or electric starter. Make sure to leave the dome open and wait 5-10 minutes. Once embers have formed, close the dome and open the draft door and the top vent completely. Adjust the airflow and top vent to get to the temperature you need.

Controlling the temperature is key when cooking with a ceramic grill. To do this, close the dome and open the top vent completely. Close the top vent to where it’s open only one-fourth of the way when you’re 5°C from your desired temperature. After a minute, close or open the top vent to increase or lower the temperature. Even three-fourths of a centimeter can make a big difference – it can change the temperature by 5°C.

I hope these tips help you next time you’re cooking with your ceramic grill. Enjoy grilling out this summer!


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