Dream Kitchen Ideas from Real Chefs

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When you have your sights set on a gourmet kitchen, you know exactly what you need and how to make it look fabulous. Today, many kitchens are built around a certain aesthetic vision with little focus on the actual cooking experience. Whether you’re designing your kitchen independently or working with a professional, we have found some great advice from actual chefs about how to craft a kitchen for your gourmet taste that is both functional and beautiful.

1. Design around one key “must have”

At the beginning of the process, figure out the one thing you have to have in your kitchen and then plan the design around that. Top Chef Competitor John Currence said his whole kitchen was designed around the wood-burning dome oven that he had to have. You can’t go wrong when you figure out what that is for your style and build the design from there.

2. Plan for more than one cook

Many people who love to cook at home see it as a team sport or at least an engaging spectator sport. From time to time, you may want to be able to include guests in the cooking process or participate in the living room conversation while preparing the food. Open or combined living spaces and spacious kitchen islands are key. 

3. Bank the cooking appliances

Place the cooking appliances—range, cooktop, wall ovens, microwaves—along a single wall. This allows everything to be at eye level and within view. It also means that you can move from side to side as you cook, rather than having to turn around. 

4. Storage

From countertop appliances to extra kitchen gadgets to food storage, the at-home gourmet must have storage. Be sure to include a large pantry and extra shelves for appliances.

5. Extra deep sinks for clean up

Efficient cooking is just as important as efficient cleaning. Deep sinks and even multiple sinks can create an easy flow for keeping your kitchen clean. A trough sink can also fit the bill in a more rustic, traditional kitchen design. 

Are you ready for a truly gourmet kitchen? Now you can craft a kitchen that features exactly what you need. We want to support you in your quest to build the perfect gourmet kitchen. Let us know how we can help!


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