Laundry Russell's Pro Tips

Easy Load Washers and Dryers

Affinity_FAFW3577KB_FAQE7077KB_923_S15Front-load washers and dryers are known for their larger capacity and greater efficiency compared to traditional top–load machines. Both factors help save you time and money. They use less water and operate more quietly as well. They’re also better for the environment than top-load washers and dryers.

Those are all great benefits, but one benefit that people tend to forget about is the ergonomics of a front-load washer and dryer. They’re easier to load and unload because you can pull up a chair, making it ideal for individuals with back issues, disabilities and for the elderly. You don’t have to stand up and reach deep down into the tub like you do with traditional top-load machines. Ergonomics really is an important factor when considering laundry appliances, so it’s a great benefit to the front-load washers and dryers.