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Visit any outdoor party where grilling is taking place and you will find yourself lost in the aroma of some wonderfully prepared meat on the grill. Entertaining is about the food, the food, the food! What most people don’t know are the many ways you can cook meat and other foods in an outdoor grill and wow every person with an unforgettable experience.

For your mouth-watering pleasure, we will review the best cooking options available today for cooking outdoors on professional grills. Set aside ideas of campfires and charcoal grills; we’re talking about the more serious side of outdoor cooking and the finest outdoor grills in the world.

Stainless Steel Grilling

Don’t be fooled by a pretty look on the outside, inside these world-class grills are professionally designed stainless steel grates. Perfect and even grilling of any meat you can imagine begins with nonstick electro-polished stainless steel rods. Once you experience grilling on stainless steel you will never look back.


Sear Perfection

Searing is about capturing the flavor and juices of meat. Premium grills like Alfresco have a special infrared burner called the Sear Zone™. Special “V-shaped” cooking grates capture natural juices and caramelize the meat, then combine with ceramic surface burners to achieve authentic steakhouse results every time.


Infrared Rotisserie Burner

Flawless and flavorful fowl are not only possible but simple to accomplish with a 1500° ceramic infrared burner that turns in whisper quiet fashion. Now you are cooking multiple meats at the same time with the ease of a professional chef.


Steamer/Fryer/Pasta Cooker

No need to run back into the house for the more complicated dishes. The Alfresco grill offers this unique addition to your grill so just start that fish fry or shrimp boil while you sear that amazing steak without missing a step.


Commercial Griddle

Quickly convert your side burners into a pancake or homemade fajita factory with a solid stainless steel griddle and be prepared for any type of party you can dream up.


High-Powered Burner

Sometimes you want to wow your crowd with a dish they didn’t expect. This high-powered double burner from Alfresco called the Versa Power adjusts to 45,000 BTUs. This burning power rivals burners used in commercial kitchens for cooking with woks, large pots, and other specialty cookware.


Electric Warming Drawer

The biggest challenge with so many cooking options is keeping all of those fantastic dishes warm and piping hot for your guests. With electronic temperature control and four removable stainless steel food pans your outdoor cooking experience
is complete.

Professional grills and outdoor kitchens designed for serious entertaining allow you to cook and prepare multiple dishes at the same time: steaks seared to perfection, seasoned fowl roasted evenly, and your party menu fully complete with all of your dishes served warm and piping hot for your guests. With the smart design from the grilling professionals at Alfresco, you can accomplish all of this in a working space that makes culinary wonders the common fare of the outdoors.

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