Fresh Kitchen Ideas for the New Year

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The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time—preparing food, eating, and just doing life. If your kitchen needs a fresh update, but not a complete overhaul, we have some ideas for you to try. 

Cabinet Doors

Cabinets typically take up a lot of visual space in the kitchen. For an instant upgrade from the builder’s grade cabinets, replace the doors with glass-paned fronts. A fresh coat of paint could also bring a new color or feel to the space. If you want to do half the work, just do two upper or lower cabinets for a two-tone look. If you like the farmhouse look, consider adding doors with chicken wire


Because the lighting over an island can draw a lot of attention, you can get a fresh look by changing out the pendant lights. You might also consider updating the boxy fluorescent lighting to a more elegant design that is more energy-efficient and uses LED lighting. 

Swap the Island

The island is a major focal point of any kitchen. You can instantly change the look and feel by changing the design. Consider adding some natural or reclaimed wood to the sides for a more rustic feel. You could also upcycle an antique or industrial piece to transform it into an island. 

Varied Textures

It’s time to embrace contrast and look for ways to add texture to your kitchen. This could include adding fabric touches, plants, or natural wood. These touches can be added almost anywhere in the kitchen, so be creative and look at your space with fresh eyes. 

Show Off Collectibles

Show off your kitchen collectibles in a creative way and find a beautiful and practical way to freshen up your kitchen. You can also bring your favorite collection into the kitchen. Kitchens are great places for artwork. 

Open Shelving

This is a new trend that is easy to incorporate into your design, especially with more rustic or industrial design for the shelves. You might consider putting fabric or wallpaper behind the shelves to add some color.


The area between your cabinets and countertop is a perfect place to add texture or color to your design in just the right proportions. This can be done with tile or metal or even reclaimed wood. 

These ideas can freshen up your kitchen in simple ways. But if you discover that your appliances also need a new update, Friedman’s is ready to help. With all the latest trends and updates in appliances, we can help you find exactly what you need.


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