Generation Z Demands Sustainability, and Electrolux Delivers

Electrolux tastelock drawer

Generation Z (those born since 1997) is positioned to be the next generation of luxury consumers. This young, sought-after group makes high-end purchases with sustainability top of mind. Ensure your relationship with these change-makers is set up for success by understanding what drives their buying decisions and the earth-conscious, luxury appliances available to them. When clients prioritize the planet, you’ll want to take a look at Electrolux’s offerings.

Generation Z and Sustainability

The research is clear: sustainability matters to Gen Z. According to a 2022 survey by Team Lewis Foundation and HeForShe, young people worldwide are concerned about the planet’s well-being ahead of gender equality and economic opportunities.

A recent sustainability study conducted by First Insight and the Baker Retailing Center at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania looked at U.S. consumers’ shopping habits and factors affecting their purchasing decisions. About 75 percent of Generation Z respondents indicated that sustainability drives their product choices. The vast majority of Gen Z consumers responded that they would be willing to pay a 10-percent premium for sustainable products.

Electrolux’s Planet-First Commitment

Young luxury consumers prefer to buy from brands that share their values, particularly their commitment to the planet. Electrolux demonstrates its dedication to sustainability, through both its business/manufacturing practices and product offerings. Since 2015, CO2 emissions from their North American operations have decreased by 83 percent, while energy efficiency per product has increased by more than 12 percent. The brand is also integrating more recycled materials into their products than ever before.

Electrolux offers a number of products to help us eat and live more sustainably. Take their innovations in refrigeration, for example. The brand’s LuxCool™ Cooling System uses smart sensing technology for maximum efficiency. TasteLock™ Plus Crisper Drawers in select refrigerators feature auto-humidity control, which removes excess moisture and blocks out dry air. The crispers ensure that food lasts longer, thereby mitigating food waste. 

Sustainability is a major driver for young luxury consumers, and Electrolux is responding. Stop by Friedman’s Appliances to learn more about how their planet-friendly practices and products can help you meet the demands of this coveted consumer group.

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