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Whether you’re building a new house or renovating an existing home, planning the laundry placement may not be as exciting to the homeowner as designing the kitchen or basement hang-out space. But it’s important to get it right. While laundry may not be their favorite chore, where you place the washer and dryer can make a huge difference in the way your client’s daily life functions. Listening to the way your client operates in their home and life will give you excellent insight and help you recommend the ideal laundry (or second laundry!) placement.

stacked Electrolux laundry pair

Save Space

Space saving may be a priority in smaller homes, including refurbished older charmers or downtown apartments. A stackable washer and dryer that can be stored behind a sliding barn door minimizes the footprint of your client’s laundry space while still providing amazing convenience of an in-home washer and dryer. Not having to head to a laundromat or laundry room will be incredibly convenient for the homeowner.

Wash Where the Laundry Goes

One of the most challenging aspects of doing laundry is getting the dirty clothes actually to the laundry room, then getting all of the clothes put back where they belong once they’ve been folded. Instead of a client constantly frustrated with their family members, how about an upstairs laundry area? Having an upstairs washer and dryer is a great way to get the dirty clothes into the laundry area and (hopefully!) get the clean clothes put away.

And if your client has the space, give them a washer and dryer in—or connected to—the master closet in addition to the upstairs laundry. Talk about the ultimate in convenience and luxury! No dragging awkward baskets through the house or upstairs where the rest of the laundry is done.

Wash Where They Spend the Most Time

For some clients, the biggest convenience has less to do with where the clothes are located and more about where they spend the most time. For them, having laundry off the kitchen, near an in-home office, or by the living room may make the most sense. They’ll be close enough to easily hear when a load is done and tend to the laundry quickly in the space where they’re already located.

Electrolux laundry pair in a entry room

Don’t Track the Mess In

Mudrooms are great for taking shoes off, but what if the shoes aren’t the only thing that’s filthy? A combination laundry room/mudroom means the mess doesn’t come into the rest of the house. And with a high-end, quality, high-capacity washer and dryer, your client will be able to easily turn the mess back into clean clothes without disrupting the rest of the home. Doing laundry is one thing; having to clean floors or furniture because of tracked-in messes is a whole different level of ugh!

And if your homeowner has a pool? Recommend a washer and dryer in the pool house or basement. Offering a convenient space to drop wet suits and towels means no dripping wet people tracking water across the carpets or hardwoods. Swimsuits and towels can be washed right away, and it keeps the main laundry free to deal with the regular, daily clothes.

Help Loved Ones Feel Comfortable

If your homeowner has company staying in a guest house or a family member living in a mother-in-law suite, they’ll need a second laundry placement. Vying for laundry time or asking their host to wash laundry feels awkward at best. Allow their guests or extended family the freedom to do their own laundry with convenience and privacy. Even if the space wasn’t initially laundry-ready, ventless dryers make it easier to retrofit an area to accommodate the appliances.

No matter where your client needs their ideal laundry placement, the experts at Friedman’s will partner with you to find the perfect solution.

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