How Do Kitchen Colors Affect Moods?

Did you know that the colors in your kitchen affect your mood and appetite? Now that appliances are available in a variety of colors, you have to choose your kitchen appliance and décor colors carefully. According to HGTV, white portrays cleanliness and purity, while beige brings a feeling of stability and harmony. They also said yellow promotes socialization, blue curbs hunger, and green promotes digestion. We can’t forget about red. HGTV warns homeowners about having a red kitchen because it’s fiery and unbalances the ambiance of the room. It also raises your metabolism and promotes hunger. However, if you have a house full of picky eaters, red may not be such a bad idea.

Choosing appliances that match in color and style helps make the kitchen look more aesthetically pleasing. It also makes the kitchen appear more inviting to everyone that comes into your home. Selecting appliances from the same manufacturer can make operating them easier because they generally have similar control panels, handles, and pulls. Plus, matching appliances can help pull the whole room together.

Picking kitchen appliances and décor colors can be exciting. Look at all your options and pick the color and style that best fits you and your family.

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