Integrated Appliances: Establishing Focal Points in the Kitchen

You spend lots of time trying to find the perfect focal point in your kitchen: the custom island with special lighting, the custom hood over the stove with the intricate tile backsplash, or the farmhouse sink you’ve always wanted. But when the design is finished, does it feel like your appliances are competing for attention? What if your appliances stayed in the background where they belong?

With custom paneling available in many luxury appliance brands, you can help your design focal point take center stage. Manufacturers and designers work together to find the perfect finishes to match your cabinets so that the fronts of the refrigerator, the dishwasher, or under-the-counter wine coolers blend seamlessly into your kitchen. Fully integrated appliances disappear into your millwork design and keep the look and feel of your kitchen consistent, exactly the way you want it to be.

This option is available on many different types of appliances from dishwashers to full-size refrigerators to refrigeration drawers and wine coolers. When you come into Friedman’s Appliances, our trained sales professionals will help you know which options will best suit your kitchen. Let us help you establish and keep your favorite focal point so that your guests will see what you want them to see.


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