Take Kamado Joe to Go!

You have fallen in love with ceramic grill cooking with your Kamado Joe. Now you can take that great flavor and cooking with you. Kamado Joe Jr. is a portable ceramic grill that is perfect for a beach picnic, tailgating, camping, or a family day trip.

Ceramic grill cooking allows your meat to stay moist and infuses it with wood fire flavor. Because the heat source is Kamado Joe’s 100% Natural Lump Charcoal made from real wood, the fire burns hotter and gives your food the taste of a natural wood fire. In a ceramic grill, the heat is held longer, so it takes less overall heat to cook the food. The biggest benefit is that your food won’t dry out, and the meat comes to your plate moist and juicy.

This grill is exactly what you need to take to the ball field, the beach, or the cabin. At 68 pounds and 27 inches high, it is easy to take wherever you want to enjoy ceramic cooking. It comes in black or red with the same features you enjoy from your Kamado Joe: a built-in thermometer, grill gripper, and ash tool. It also comes with a hinged, stainless steel cooking grate and a ceramic heat deflector that allows you to cook more delicate foods with an indirect heat source.

Stop into Friedman’s today to see this small wonder. You will wonder how you ever grilled without it.


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