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Sub-Zero & Wolf Design Kitchen

Knowledge is everything when making major purchases. Conscientious homeowners want value and performance plus the extras that turn chores in the kitchen into enjoyable experiences. To help you get the jump on your research before your kitchen upgrade, here are a few tips from our team of professionals.


The smart buy is not always the cheapest. When considering your kitchen’s new oven, look for true convection capability, warming drawers and stronger glide racks.


GE Profile induction cooktop

Glass surfaces with induction cooking capability provide the most amazing feature to hit cooking in the past 20 years. You must see the technology in action to believe it, and induction is now available in a wide range of price points. If you prefer gas cooking, look for heavy grates and variety in the power of BTU burners.


French door refrigerators have the most to offer with modern features available on most models. LED interior lighting and smarter shelving deliver easier viewing and more space. Advanced models include cooling drawers with temp control and dual ice makers.


Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Silence is golden, so look for dBA ratings in the 40’s and stainless steel interiors. Upgrades offer popular features like third racks which substantially increase your filling capacity.

These features will take you from living with a basic kitchen to one you will love for many years to come. Try navigating this market on your own and you may find yourself with a set of appliances that miss the mark on what you really wanted. The secret is having that up-close experience with the appliances alongside professionals willing to listen and guide you. Whether you have time for homework in advance or you just need a short list of what can bring your kitchen to life, our team will help you discover the very best for your home.


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