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When it comes to luxury kitchens, Sub-Zero and Wolf have created and continue to be the standard. Known for developing products that are beautifully stylish and innovatively designed, more top designers choose Sub-Zero and Wolf for major remodels and new home construction. These products are handmade and heavily tested as Sub-Zero consistently builds products that are durable and meant for long-term use.

Sub-Zero is the refrigeration luxury benchmark for homeowners with a wide variety of styles that not only helps you preserve your food and drinks but also turns entertaining into an easier task. Their preservation line includes Pro 48 refrigeration, built-in refrigeration, integrated refrigeration, under-counter refrigeration, and wine storage. And the integrated products have no visible hinges or grilles, so they blend in seamlessly offering a perfect companion to great design. Plus, the front can accommodate stainless steel panels and handles or custom panels and accessories, so they match perfectly with cabinets and hardware. They blend in so well, that your guests won’t even be able to distinguish your refrigeration from the other cabinets and drawers surrounding it.

The Wolf cooking products help you enjoy preparing meals almost as much as you enjoy eating them. Wolf set the standard many years ago for professional style combined with great performance. The appliances make cooking easier and more convenient. The Wolf products include built-in ovens, convection steam ovens, range tops, gas ranges, dual fuel ranges, induction cooktops, gas cooktops, integrated modules, and the list goes on. Some of the most exciting Wolf products are the integrated cooking modules that turn your kitchen into anything you want it to be, giving you complete flexibility. Your kitchen’s cooking appliances can be designed around your cooking style and food preferences taking your cooking way beyond the features of the typical luxury range. And with the precise control you get with Wolf products, your meals will taste better than ever.

Hope you enjoyed our short review of Sub-Zero and Wolf products. The standard for luxury has been set and no brand is identified more as the obvious choice for unmatched kitchen design and long-term performance.

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