Making the Most of Leftovers

Wouldn’t it be nice to only cook every other night? You can when you find creative ways to maximize your leftovers. Here are some ideas for cooking less at your house.

Turkey or chicken. Stir cooked meat into a white bean chili or into penne pasta. You can also make Waldorf salad with chopped apples and grapes, or even quesadillas and fajitas to add some additional spice.

Cranberry sauce or fruit. Mix it into plain Greek yogurt in the morning. You can also freeze it in smaller amounts to be added into smoothies for breakfast or after school snacks.

Stuffing or mashed potatoes. Add a little cheese to stuffing to turn it into filling for stuffed mushrooms or peppers. Mashed potatoes can also be used to top almost any kind of casserole. You can also combine the two and fry up savory skillet fritters.

Vegetables. Fried or poached eggs over leftover veggies make an excellent breakfast. You can also combine them with turkey, chicken, or ground beef for the base of the shepherd’s pie. A can of creamed corn can hold them all together under a fluffy lid of mashed potatoes.

We hope these tips give you some fresh ideas for yesterday’s meals. Come to Friedman’s to see the latest innovations in refrigeration technology that can make your meals go the distance.

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