Managing Supply Delays in Kitchen Renos

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Home has become more important than ever. It’s the office, the place we play, the place we rest and relax, and the place we entertain. It’s no wonder kitchen renovations and other home improvement projects continue to be on the top of to-do lists, even though the global shutdown has long since lifted from the earliest days of the pandemic.

Some pandemic impacts continue to linger, however, including the impact on supply chains. The wait for appliances, cabinets, flooring, and more continues to be lengthy. So what can you do to manage possible supply delays for your new kitchen appliances? Friedman’s is here to help with practical tips.

Order Early

Once you have the budget and footprint of your kitchen reno set, start shopping for your appliances. The earlier you select and order them, the more time you give the supply chain to come through. Planning ahead helps to ensure your appliances will be ready by the time you’ll actually need them. Yes, appliances are some of the last things to be installed. But if you order them at the beginning, you can then build the rest of your design around what you’ve ordered.

Be Flexible

Do you have your heart set on a specific brand of luxury appliances, or are you open to new possibilities? Popular brands may have longer delays, so consider a lesser-known brand of high-quality, luxury appliances. You don’t have to compromise on beauty, innovative features, or unique designs. In fact, some lesser-known brands in the U.S. are highly regarded in other countries. And you may find yourself discovering features or designs you didn’t even realize were options!

Buck the convention of buying the brands everyone else has. Spark a new trend – and conversation – with your guests as they admire your stunning luxury appliances. In addition to bringing uniqueness to your kitchen, your flexibility could shorten your reno timeline!

Shop In-Stock

At Friedman’s, we can help you navigate supply delays. Not only do we get updates on delays, but we can also show you what luxury appliances are in-stock and available for faster delivery. Visit us with your wish list of features, look, and timeline. Then let us guide you to a great selection of quality appliances you’ll enjoy for years to come. 


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