The Missing Link in Kitchen Remodeling

You are deep into the process of a kitchen remodel and can’t remember the last time you cooked a meal at home. Your builder is working in harmony with you and your designer. Your dreams are turning into reality as you see your new kitchen emerge from the lumber, cabinetry, and flooring, but then something goes terribly wrong in the final stages: the kitchen remodel missing link. Your appliances don’t fit properly into the cabinets at installation.

Even the finest of homes can experience a wrong turn in construction because no one took the time to ensure the cabinetry and the appliances were measured for a perfect fit. Designed to blend into their environments, today’s premium and luxury appliances include built-in refrigeration with special hinges to remain flush with surrounding cabinetry, multiple combinations of wall ovens with companion microwaves, and steam ovens, and specialty column appliances for beverage and wine storage. The appliances of today deliver a dynamic and seamless finished look, but they require specific measuring prior to construction.

That’s why Friedman’s Appliances has been such a trusted partner to the finest builders, remodelers, and designers in Knoxville. Friedman’s team of highly experienced professionals not only walk you through the process of appliance selection but also supply your construction and design experts with the proper specifications to ensure that every inch is precisely measured. If you have existing cabinetry, Friedman’s experts also take the extra step to visit your home and measure appliance openings to insure your selection matches perfectly.

Avoid the pain, the hassle, and the expense of overlooking the “missing link” in kitchen remodeling. Follow the thousands of discriminating homeowners in Knoxville to Friedman’s. Put your project into the hands of the experts in premium and luxury appliances who go the extra mile to ensure the perfect fit for every part of your dream kitchen.

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