Monogram Forge Makes Luxury Ice Easy

Monogram Forge Heated Ice Press

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the luxury ice trend, perhaps the easiest way to get started is with your very own Monogram Forge Heated Ice Press. This small appliance creates statement-making cubes that will wow any discerning beverage connoisseur or mixologist.

At just 14 inches in height, this compact appliance is inconspicuous and easy to store, and its elegant black color blends seamlessly into any tasteful space. Beyond the surface, though, you’ll find incredible technology that takes your ice cube game to the next level. 

Through precision temperature control, the Monogram Forge uses powerful temperatures to create literal works of ice art. Begin with an ice “gem,” and within 60 seconds, the Forge will mold it into a flawless ice sphere. This slow-melting sphere allows for leisurely enjoyment of a cocktail and an overall elevated beverage experience. 

Relatively mess-free and easy to operate, the Monogram Forge requires no downtime between sphere creation. The experience of both making and enjoying an ice sphere in your beverage is one to savor, and it promises to make your next cocktail hour an unforgettable one.

Stop by Friedman’s Appliances and see the Monogram Forge Heated Ice Press for yourself, and be sure to ask about the rebate that’s currently available. One of our friendly sales professionals will be happy to help. 


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