An Outdoor Kitchen in Any Season

Summer is over, and you are looking forward to mowing your yard a little less often. However you still want to use your outdoor space for fall entertaining, and you want to set your lawn up to be even better next year. Whether your outdoor kitchen fell short of your expectations this summer or you want to make sure that next summer your view is as beautiful as it was this year, we can help. Here is our checklist of things you should do for your lawn in fall to keep your outdoor space and your lawn beautiful in any season:

  • As growth slows, mow your lawn less often, maybe once or twice per week.
  • Apply a lawn weedkiller in early autumn.
  • Apply granular or liquid lawn fertilizer at least once a year. Products for use in early autumn are low in nitrogen but high in potassium to aid grass roots in winter.
  • Aerate your lawn so that oxygen, water, and fertilizer can easily reach the roots.
  • Rake the leaves off the grass. Don’t wait until all the leaves have fallen because the ones on the bottom will be wet and difficult to remove.
  • Fix any bare, bald spots in your lawn with an all-in-one lawn repair mixture.

If you follow these simple steps for your lawn, your outdoor entertaining space can be used all year long. You can also get a jump start on having the outdoor kitchen of your dreams next spring and summer by coming into Friedman’s. We can help you plan ahead with landscaping design and new appliances for your outdoor kitchen. A beautiful outdoor space for entertaining allows you and your guests to enjoy dining outside in every season.


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