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The Perfect Stemware Dishwasher

Miele_ProfiLine_dishwasherGeorge Riedel, Chief Executive of Riedel and 10th generation wine glass pioneer, recommends that Riedel glassware (hand-blown and machine-blown) be washed in a Miele dishwasher: “That our high-end glassware can be perfectly and gently washed in a Miele is quite new to us. A Miele dishwasher makes perfect glass care easy. To ensure the gentle cleaning of our glasses, we exclusively recommend washing them in a Miele dishwasher. This produces better results than washing by hand.”

With a unique combination of intelligent features, Miele is the specialist when it comes to gentle care of glassware:

  • 3D cutlery tray: sufficient clearance also for stemware.
  • Deluxe baskets: secure positioning of wine glasses.
  • Auto open drying: gentle, brilliant drying without polishing.
  • Perfect glass care: long-lasting sparkling finish on glassware.
  • ‘Gentle’ program: perfect glass care control.
  • Care collection: perfectly matching detergents with special glass-protection formula.

The result is sparkling clean glasses without polishing. No smears, no water stains, no breakages. Even after many years of dishwashing, your valuable glassware is as beautiful as on the day of purchase. Even high-quality, delicate stemware can be treated in a Miele dishwasher without any risk. This is confirmed by Riedel, manufacturer of high art glass making for over 250 years.