A Pizza Oven that Makes Dining Outdoors More Enjoyable

Alfresco is known for designing outdoor cooking equipment that’s innovative and makes dining outdoors easier and more convenient. Their latest creation is the Pizza Oven Plus, an outdoor oven that’s built to perform like a commercial oven. This pizza and culinary oven can preheat in a mere 15 minutes. It’s perfect for cooking pizza or roasting, baking, and broiling your favorite foods. The best part is that it cooks faster and better than a regular oven.

The Pizza Oven Plus has an abundance of features that make it extraordinary. It has a gas log that absorbs and speeds up the time used to preheat because it heats up to the ceramic ceiling slab. This gives you great top down heat. The oven has a natural air-cooling plenum that helps to keep the control panel cool. With a tube log burner and ceramic infrared hearth burner that are both 20,000 BTUs, your food will be cooked to perfection. The removable hinges, doors, and double-walled top on this model offer flexibility. A halogen oven light illuminates the 456 square inches of cooking space.

Alfresco makes outdoor dining more enjoyable than ever. Their products are smart, reliable, and well-built. Check out the Pizza Oven Plus next time you stop by our store. It allows you to add a whole new array of foods to your outdoor dining experience. Once you see it, you’ll want to add it to your outdoor kitchen.


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