Selecting the Right Range: Wolf Offers an Option for Every Cooking Style

Wolf range

Kitchen design often revolves around the range. Serious home chefs want more than a showpiece though. They’re looking for a powerful tool with particular features that match how they cook. Selecting the right range will help them ply their craft.

Finding the Perfect Match: Wolf Ranges

Gourmet cooks run the gamut, which means they may seek completely different features in their ideal range Some envision whipping up tasty concoctions in a hurry, while others aspire to turn out bake-shop-worthy treats. Still others need to produce a nightly small feast. Identifying which category of cook your client falls under will lead you to the perfect range to suit their needs.

Wolf offers a range to fit every cooking style and space parameter. Take a look at some of the many options available.

For the Budding Home Cook

Wolf’s 30-inch induction range proves that limited space doesn’t have to mean limited performance. Its compact size works well in smaller spaces often found in city dwellings, making it a popular choice for young professionals. An induction cooktop offers fast speed, anticipating high heat on-demand (maintaining the most delicate of lows is no problem, either). A four-zone induction power-boost achieves faster boils and sears. In short, this range makes tantalizing meals in less time.

Wolf 30" induction range

For the Baker

Is your client mastering the art of sourdough? Are baked confections a specialty? Wolf’s 36-inch dual-fuel range delivers what every baker wants: predictable results. By controlling heat and airflow, the dual convection creates just the right baking environment. To maximize oven performance and assure consistency, Wolf chefs developed its 10 cooking modes: Bake, Broil, Convection, Convection Roast, Dehydrate, Gourmet, Proof, Roast, Stone, and Warm.

36inch Wolf DF364G

For the (Family) Chef

Wolf’s 48-inch gas range caters to the prolific cook. It combines a large-capacity gas convection oven with an additional 18-inch oven, so there’s plenty of room to accommodate multiple dishes at once. In addition to the four gas burners atop, it offers a griddle for Saturday morning pancakes and a charbroiler for at-home steaks on date night at home. Built for endurance, this range offers a professional-level culinary experience.

Wolf DF486

Friedman’s experts are here to help you find the range ideally suited to your client’s needs.

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