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Leftovers + Steam Ovens = A More Delicious Way to Reheat

Wolf Steam Oven


After a long day of work, you reach into the refrigerator to assess your dinner options, and you’re faced with a choice: to cook or to reheat leftovers. While a fresh meal is always the preferred option, it’s often tempting to pair last night’s leftovers with a glass of wine and settle in for the night. The only problem is the taste, which is typically never as good as the day before. Wouldn’t it be amazing if reheated leftovers tasted just as good, if not better, as they did the first time you ate them? This is where a steam oven changes the way you think about leftovers.


Instead of applying dry heat to your meal, steam introduces water into your food to help retain and restore moisture, whether you’re cooking a meal for the first time or reheating last night’s dinner. The moisture also helps lock in nutrients to keep your food healthy and more flavorful.

Saving Time

A steam oven is simple to use and prepares food in about two-thirds the time of a conventional oven. You can quickly whip up an appetizer for any type of gathering.

Cookies in a Bosch Benchmark Steam Oven

Bosch Benchmark

Perfect Cookies!

Here’s a little-known fact (that has nothing to do with leftovers): the secret to perfect chocolate chip cookies is to bake them in a steam oven!

The benefits of steam cooking are plentiful. If you are ready to revolutionize how you use your oven, come into Friedman’s Appliances and let us show you all the great features of cooking with steam.

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