The Fastest, Most Energy Efficient Ever

Wash and Dry times together under 30 minutes? Plus 138% more energy efficient? Save time and money while doing laundry and helping the environment at the same time. Check out the benefits of this amazing pair of modern washer and dryer technology.

Electrolux is known for designing appliances that are eco-friendly, yet beautifully stylish at the same time. It’s no wonder the Electrolux washers have the fastest wash time – it takes just 15 minutes to wash a load of laundry. They also have the largest capacity, 5.1 cubic feet of space, so you can minimize the number of loads you have to wash. The washers are up to 138% more energy-efficient and use 77% less water making them not only gentle on your clothes, but also on the environment. Another great feature of Electrolux washers is the wave-touch controls that offer the most wash cycles/options including three ‘My Favorite’ settings and a wash stain menu with 22 different settings. To save even more energy, you can use cold water to wash your clothes. You can also use the eco-friendly option that’s available on most Electrolux wash cycles – it reduces the temperature using 43% less energy than if you washed a load of laundry in hot water.

The Electrolux dryers are environmentally friendly as well. They have the fastest drying time, so in 14 minutes your laundry is dry and ready to be folded. Since it has 8.0 cubic feet of space, it has the largest capacity and easily fits a large load, so you can reduce the number of loads you need to dry. Save time ironing with the perfect steam feature which uses the latest technology to remove wrinkles to make your clothes look fresh. The remarkable temperature control of the luxury dry feature helps protect fabrics to keep your clothes looking great.

Innovative, eco-friendly, and stylish are just a few of the great characteristics that define the products designed by Electrolux. They are committed to providing quality products that’ll save you time, energy, and money.

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