Truly Inspired Ideas For Smaller Spaces

It’s easy to pay attention to the biggest spaces of your home like the living room and the kitchen. But the smallest spaces in your home can make the biggest statements. We’ve found some truly inspired ideas to get you started in the spaces that are easily overlooked: the man cave, the home office, and the pantry.

For your man cave

The name of the game here is to see everything masculine with fresh eyes. C-claps become hooks; bolts get glued together to make coasters; corks and bottle caps make great bar counters or tabletops. Don’t forget the stairs that lead down into your man cave. Use old license plates on the risers to make a colorful and nostalgic statement. Or you could get creative and make a secret compartment under the stairs for storing contraband or even a secret entrance hidden by a bookcase. Either way everything manly is the rule for designing a man cave.

For your home office

Designing a home office that won’t become a giant clutter magnet begins with a clearly defined color scheme. Whether you want the crisp, clean feeling of white or an inspiring space with bright colors, a harmonious look that seems uncluttered begins with a color. Once you have the color scheme, you can move on to storage by using containers that reflect the color scheme to prevent the messy look that keeps you away from the home office. Also if you have to be working at home, don’t forget the personal touches by including items or pictures that you love.

For your pantry

The pantry has become a necessity for the modern kitchen. The extra storage space makes a huge difference in the daily life of your kitchen. Having uniform containers clearly labeled is what the perfect pantry holds in our dreams. But we found some other ideas you might not have thought of. Consider painting one wall with chalkboard paint so that you can keep track of items for your next trip to the grocery store. The door of your pantry can also make a great statement in your kitchen. You may opt for sliding doors or even a door with a glass window. One idea we loved was to paint the door red and paint the panels with chalkboard paint. This makes menu planning easier for everyone. Or what about bringing an outside door inside by using a decorative screen door? Use this entrance to create a unique focal point in your kitchen.

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