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Thermador range

When it comes to making a luxury purchase, it’s all about the experience. After all, true luxury often comes with a hefty price tag, so it’s nice to feel like a valued customer with the brand you’re courting. For example, when you purchase a Volvo using the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program, you get two round-trip tickets to Sweden to see your custom wheels come off the factory floor. Drive it around in its native country before it’s shipped to your home in the United States. Or Peloton, the luxury fitness brand, invites potential customers to book a walkthrough appointment at any of their showrooms, where you can partake in an actual Peloton class on the apparatus of your choice. It’s the ultimate in “try before you buy.”

You deserve that same VIP treatment when considering your luxury appliance purchase, and Thermador delivers just that. 

A luxury appliance brand with a solid reputation spanning more than a century, Thermador is known for its refrigerators, freezers, cooking appliances, and dishwashers. Each and every Thermador product is both sleek and high-performing at once, making them a worthy investment, but deciding just which models to purchase can be the real challenge. That’s why Thermador invites potential buyers to get hands-on with the options at any of its seven North American Thermador showrooms, which are found in Chicago, New York, California, and Miami in the U.S., and Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal in Canada. 

Each of these unique spaces features beautifully styled kitchen vignettes so you can imagine the appliances in your own home. Showroom tours typically last around 30 minutes, during which guests are invited to ask questions and truly interact with the appliances in a relaxed and beautiful space. Peruse the different areas and experience the functionality first-hand. A Thermador professional can explain the latest product innovations and technology to help you hone in on the perfect pieces for your space.

While you cannot purchase Thermador luxury appliances at the showrooms, you can use your hands-on experience and access to a qualified consultant to help make the best, most-informed decisions possible. Once you’ve made your selections and returned home, stop by Friedman’s Appliances, where our team of professionals is ready to finalize your easy and enjoyable purchase experience.

To learn more about Thermador showroom tours and schedule a visit, go to Thermador.com. When you’re ready to purchase your Thermador appliances, Friedman’s Appliances is ready to help.


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