Washing Clean Dishes… Again

Washing clean dishes, sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Do you ever get that sick feeling in your stomach when you open your dishwasher after the cycle is complete? Frustrated homeowners have shared their problems with us concerning the lack of cleaning power from their dishwashers. You find small pieces of food particles not only left on dishes and glasses but in some cases dried to the surface. What’s the culprit? It’s the lack of phosphates in detergents.

In an industry-wide effort to reduce harmful phosphates from the environment, detergent manufacturers have stopped adding phosphates to detergent formulas. Now the question is – where can you get great cleaning performance from a detergent? First, you need to check out a new cleaner by Finish. Finish created a new formula that is phosphate-free, yet delivers better cleaning performance. Now ranked as the #1 recommended detergent brand from the largest dishwasher manufacturers, Finish has finally solved one of the most frustrating problems in the kitchen.

Your next step is to realize that even the best detergent can’t improve a worn-out dishwasher. Dishwashers are one of the hardest working appliances in your home and every brand eventually wears out. Choosing a dishwasher that truly cleans dishes is critical and today’s best dishwasher brands offer more benefits for your home like energy savings and quiet operation. Do you know the brand that has been the top dishwasher in performance, energy savings, and quietness for over 10 years? It’s Bosch. Bosch set the standard for dishwasher performance while reducing water and energy usage year after year. Today Bosch is ranked #1 by leading consumer publications and is still one of the highest-rated Energy Star dishwashers in the industry.

Maybe it’s time to reduce your frustration in the kitchen with dirty dishes that should be clean. Start with a change in dishwashing detergents. If that doesn’t solve your dirty dish woes, then consider replacing your dishwasher. Clean dishes every time is simply about the combination of the right detergents and the best dishwashers.

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